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  • Member: [Mike of the Desert]
  • Studio: TwinLight Studios
  • Title: Goodbye, Naruto
  • Premiered: 2005-07-02
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    • IMMEDIATE MUSIC Fahrenheit
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  • Comments: PLEASE READ The comments are important!

    Actually there is not any particular concept about this video. It is my first Full-Action based AnimeMusicVideo, and the first concept that can come to mind to me is that I done it especially for passion, pure passion to the Anime of Naruto that actually schocked me because of the Episode 133 of the Serie. Naruto never had so great animations in it, but that episode is been schocking to see. Actually could be able to put "Naruto Episode 133" as a New anime because we will soon see a INHUMAN Amount of AMV based on this episode. It will be, probably, an armageddon. So my goal, my dream editing the video was to.. Be above all on this concept, on the "Full-Action Fight based Sasuke Vs Naruto Second Fight AnimeMusicVideo". Ispiration come to me watching Fahrenheit by Arczi (since I saw the video without have ever seen the episode).

    Editing, and General Comments
    This is been my absolutely first video completely edited on Adobe After Effects, this odissea made me understand a lot of things, first of all, that is really hard for me to synch an instrumental music (as is the one in the amv) to a only action concept, but I trained myself like hell with this creation and I hope it is turned out well, but I'm not the one that can judge it, since I really don't know what think about this creation! As effects I made a work like "the best things are the ones you don't see", I used some effects of directional or/and radial blurs to follow the movements of the characters, as well as opacities and high leveled gaussian blurs for changes of clip. So is all up to you, I would really love to hear your opinions, I really hope you all with make me know what you think of this work, So please submit opinions! ;) Compression like always is been something terrible, and what's anyway the result? An Insane file size and a really not soddisfacent quality. As usual I made a disaster in the encoding. It's fairly better to don't talk about it or I will have nightmares.

    Goodbye, Naruto
    Before, "Sello" should have been my last Naruto Amv. But I didn't thought to have a so big schock watching this Three episodes (132,133,134) of the Anime. I always thought this fight as legendary for the manga itself, but I was sure of a horrible transposition on the Anime, but I was completely, completely wrong, so this is my last tribute to the anime. At least for a long, long while. A tribute to this fight (and more that episode) that so much schocked me making me have chills and enjoying like hell. So.. Goodbye, Naruto. =)

    Finally it is a video made for fun, the famous "Action song with Naruto battle" (brrrrr...) as a tribute to only this fight that I loved really a lot. Hope you'll enjoy^^
    The video also contain a little Easter Egg ;P If you op it you'll know it! :P (Oh well you could also simply click on "more opinion info" but.. ;D)

    I forgot to uncheck the lip synch box, but it's an instrumental music, sorry about that >.<

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