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  • Member: Mysteria388
  • Title: A Touch of Gravitation
  • Premiered: 2005-07-02
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    • Divinyls I touch myself
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  • Comments: Here's another video since you liked Fake's Gravity so much! ^_^ This is a parody of my viewpoint of Tohma and Sakano's relationship. There may be spoilers so watch out. There are subtitles and they really don't fit the movie whatsoever so bear with them and try not to look at the bottom of the screen too much. BIG WARNING: if you are offended by yaoi, m/m sex etc...DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS VIDEO! You have been warned. ^_^ However, if you are of legal age and don't mind gay inuendo for comedic purposes, by all means download and review ^_^

    As for my personal thoughts on this one.....well.....all I have to say is if you arn't laughing by the end of this movie then your mind probably isn't as twisted as mine. Also, I know this song is kinda catchy but this is one song you don't want to be caught singing aloud! XD People keep giving me weird looks!

    I had so much fun and laughed lots making this vid. I hope you all will laugh too. Think of it as something to cheer up the depressed yaoi fan!

    * I love Tohma he is soooo sexy! *

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