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  • Member: Yorae
  • Title: At Your Grave, I Stand.
  • Premiered: 2005-07-02
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    • Josh Groban You Raise Me Up
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  • Comments: Wow... An AMV from me which is NOT a Naruto AMV =O

    **************SPOILER WARNING : This AMV contains MAJOR SPOILERS for Gankutsuou and I mean ULTRA MAJOR Spoilers. If you haven't watched past episode 17, turn around and run far away from here!**************

    Started : June 26,2005
    Finished : July 1,2005

    This AMV presents the relation between Albert, the protagonist of the story, and his childhood friend, Franz. I was very touched with their friendship and how Albert always sought strength from Franz while Franz cared for Albert and looked after him the whole time. The song I chose is very inspiring for me and I though of making an AMV that is, in a way, a tribute from Albert to Franz.

    This is a no effects AMV. It is basically composed of clips and cross fades with a few blacks and whites thrown here and there and one sequence with crops. Because the song is so calm and slow, I thought that having a simple AMV to go with it would be nice ^^; After all , this AMV was something to do while I was angsting over my boredom with my OTHER project.

    Also, just as a note, there's a scream that is integrated into the AMV around the middle. This is Albert screaming Franz's name. Just for clarification ;P Oh, and no attempts at lip synch was made in the AMV.

    That's about it ^^ I hope you enjoy this AMV as much as I have enjoyed making it~! And as always, opinions are always nice ;D

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