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  • Member: BogoSort
  • Title: Precious Things
  • Premiered: 2002-05-07
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    • Tori Amos Precious Things
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  • Comments: I started this video just before Otakon 2001 in hopes of being all L33T and actually completing 2 anime music videos in a single year. Part of the motivation was that the fansub group that Iím a party of, Anime-Fansubs, had completed subbing Ah My Goddess: The Movie. Though much to our bitterness, we found out that this anime had been licensed just before we were going to release our subbed version, and so we, like any good fansubbing group didnít release our version of the subs(even though the DVDs wouldnít come out for nearly a year. My plan to make 2 amvs in a year, just like many other plans was doomed to failure, and after Otakon, I put this video on the backburner and didnít touch it until the deadline for Otakon 2002 was fast approaching. Thus I quickly attempted to finish this video, while attempting to instruct some friends of mine in the fine art of amv creation (one of which who was even using my computer to edit his video). The results of my last minute efforts in working on this video were satisfactory for submission to Otakon, though there were a few minor bits that I wanted to work on, which I have done so for this final version.

    The original concept of this video was to portray Belldandyís relationship with her teacher, Celestine. The song Precious Things by Tori Amos, conveyed a relationship that I wanted to portray in this video. At first, the it didnít seem sensible to match up Ah My Goddess(a cute happy shounen anime) with Precious Things(a song that deals with child molestation). The truth of the matter is that the Ah My Goddess movie is substantially darker than the TV series, and the movie doesnít really go into what actually happened in their relationship beyond the fact that they were really close. I think this video does a reasonable job at portraying a less than pure relationship between Belldandy and her teacher Celestine.

    Overall, I think this video does a reasonable job at alluding to a darker backstory between Belldandy and Celestine. The song has many powerful unfulfilled emotions, which the video attempts to blend into the story. I am curious as to how many people will realize some of the subtle overtones of child molestation and other such unpleasantness that are present in the song. Working with these sorts of subtle themes remind me of the El Hazard - Once in a Lifetime video that I watched repeatedly for several months before a friend of mine pointed out that the song described lots of bondage.

    This video was originally created on my desktop known as Bogo(specs below) with DivX source that was ripped from the DVD from when my fansub group was working on translating it. This footage was put into Premiere 6.0 and edited into the final form.
    Celeron 366 @ 550
    384MB PC100 RAM
    60GB IBM Deskstar 60gxp
    Asus V7700 GeForce 2
    Sound Blaster Live

    After I built my new machine dubbed PH34RB0T, I bought the R1 DVD release of the Ah My Goddess: The Movie, and remastered the video with a much higher quality source, as well as altering a few scenes to make the video flow a bit better.

    Well people seem to also like this video for some reason. It really baffles me. But it did manage to get named a runnerup in the Romantic/Sentamental category at Otakon 2002.

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