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  • Member: A2L
  • Title: FLCL - Layla
  • Premiered: 2005-07-01
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    • Eric Clapton Layla
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  • Comments: Hi guys this is my 2nd amv. I've noticed all the FLCL amv's I've seen are usually to a fast crazy song with random scenes flashing every where with usually pretty good if not better editing. I decided to make a semi-serious/romantic/fun/action kinda thing... it just changed about halfway through from my original idea but I still like how it came out. There's some scenes I feel I should have replaced but I couldn't think of any other to put there... =/ also I'd have to regut the whole thing so i just left things how they started off... so forgive the beginning some of the scenes should have been substituted.

    I did all the editing and fun stuff while drinking so prety much I was very strongly buzzed through the whole creation of this but I still like it. Anyways, looking for as much critiques as possible. I want to know every little thing you would have done differently.

    So yeah FLCL: Eric Clapton with Derek and the Dominos - Layla with Wndows Movie Maker.



    Also, I feel as if I have completely murdered this classic song... I probably should have used something if I was just gonna try a pilot...

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