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  • Member: GothicApple
  • Studio: Lust for Life
  • Title: Gravitation PoP
  • Premiered: 2004-03-10
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  • Song:
    • nsync Pop
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  • Comments: Okay, this was my third attempt at making a Gravitation video. I noticed a lot of videos leaned towards a dramatic theme..which is what my first 'n' second one was. But I thought, Gravitation has soo many funny moments, we must show them...but try and keep it true to the show. In other words...just make it fun..and show a kiss or two. heehee..

    I picked Pop by Nsync because well..because it seemed to fit. It was one the first songs that came to mind when i first thought of making a Gravitation video.., but my editing skills weren't that very good i said I'll wait. Personally i think it's one of my betters..even thought my skills have become much better..

    PS: don't mind the GothicApple Productions logo....that was my first name before I realized how much explaing had to go along with it...*don't ask*

    PS: Please leave me an opinion...I really want to know what you think of it...*Domo Arigatou minna*

    I am the original creator of this video. Please report to me if this video appears anywhere else under a different alias , different author, or different studio name. I do not like having my hard work STOLEN. Thankyou.

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