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  • Member: LostGroundMercenaryKazuma
  • Title: Bebop Party Version One
  • Premiered: 2005-06-28
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    • Korn Word Up
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  • Comments: UPDATE

    This video was made when i was White wolf media!! it did so good last time so im Re uploading

    WHY?!?!?! because i am going to be remastering it!! yes remastering it!!!!!

    Please leave your Opinions And Soon you can all enjoye dthe much better REMASTERED VERSION!!!

    This is my favorite video!! I worked sooooooo HARD on this video. The lip sync is perfect! and this is one of my most favorite songs!! WORD UP!!!!! and from one of my favorite animes! Cowboy bebop! i was ticked off becuase No one uses Korns Word Up so i figured HEY Word up would go great with CB! so what did i do?! i ripped my dvds i had and made this amv ! i tried sooooooo hard...and i really hope you enjoy i know i did i love it! ENJOY!!


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