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  • Member: Flame_Alchemist514
  • Studio: Roy Mustang Studios
  • Title: Send Me An Alchemist
  • Premiered: 2005-06-29
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    • Paul Oakenfold Send me an Angel
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  • Comments: Well, hello there. This is my new video!! My...eighth video? I think so but I am not going to look to it but, I think this one is a great improvement on my Beauty in Alchemy. I have totallt gotten rid of the subs and now, it is sub free. Except for the parts where I wan it to appear. Buahahahahha!!

    The song I used was Send Me An Angel by Paul Oakenfold. Well, I used the same for my title...I am such a lazy sack of beans. I can't think of good titles. I just grab them from the lyrics. This is a techno song, with just a few lyrics at the end.

    This video really has no story, it's just something I thought up. I said, well, I guess the story is that Edward needs help, he needs someone to help him on his journey. He isn't do well, he remembers all of his mistakes, like Nina, Hughes, Roy, and his mom. So, yeah.

    I used some effects, cause I can. but I think I overdid it so, in the beginning for a minute, it will be flashing lights a la mode. So, you can skip it if you want and just fast forward. But, can you tell me if I hit it right on the spot?

    In the only place I used subs is when 3:20 pops out when the guys says, "Don't be false or untrue, it'll come back to you." I used the part when Edward is talking to Rose about the sun and how it'll burn you if you come to close. I just had to do it. Because, I can. ANd, I know sometimes I say that they are useless, and unnescessary, I just do it anyway.

    The only part where the subs show is when that stupid f****** FMA logo shows up at the break and the little Japanese letters at the credits. But, that''s all.

    Note: Well, sometimes on some computers, VEgas videos sometimes go to crap quality because of the overlaying. So, don't blame me cause it goes to crap. I don't know why it happenes for some people. I know it happens to the people who use Vegas and they have to deal with complaints like that.

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