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  • Member: StevenAS23
  • Studio: Uberous Productions
  • Title: Tarzan and Su
  • Premiered: 2002-04-26
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    • Toybox Tarzan and Jane
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  • Comments: NEWS: FINALLY! 7 months after its completion, my REMASTERED Tarzan and Su AMV is online! In case you can't view it, you can download the XVid codec from Enjoy!

    Awards -
    Best Comedy - Fanime 2002
    Best of Show - Fanime 2002
    Best First Video - Viewer's Choice Awards 2003

    This is my first video, and I'm proud to announce that it has won multiple awards, including Best of Show at Fanime Con 2002!

    Liner notes:

    My friends and I had gotten into anime music videos a year before I started making Tarzan and Su, but hadn’t really thought of creating our own, until my roommate at college decided he would make one. He started playing random songs from his extensive playlist, and asking my opinion on them. About the fifth or sixth song he played was the ‘Tarzan and Jane’ song by Toybox. Suddenly, Kaolla Su from Love Hina popped into mind, and I knew I had struck gold. I told my roommate my idea, and told him he should make it. He liked the idea, and decided he would do so.

    A couple months later, no progress had been made. I offered my Tarzan and Su ideas to other friends, who also never got around to it. Finally, as I was bored one night in late December 2001, I decided I was just going to sit down and make it myself.

    A computer crash a couple of weeks into the video's creation destroyed all of my work so far, and I had to piece the project back together. As I reassembled the project, I kept stumbling across better footage to use, and by the time it was reconstructed, it looked completely different. Some of the best shots, such as the knockout punch at the very end, came from this period.

    The trickiest lip-synch in the video was the very last ‘I am Jane and I love to ride an elephant’ line that Su says right at the end. The problem is that the shot is scrolling upward as she says it, and I had to keep the video scrolling correctly even though I was completely changing her mouth movements. Her mouth even stops moving completely for a few seconds during the original footage, and keeping the motion fluid even though I was grabbing various shots of different periods through the upward scroll, was a very laborious process.

    The final challenge was keeping Naru out of the video until the very end. I wanted the viewer to focus completely on the Keitaro-Su relationship, and completely forget about Naru until the very end, when, like Keitaro, they are brought back to reality with one swift punch. If you’re very astute, you’ll see that she actually appears in two shots right after the succession of panicking Keitaros. There were some scenes that I wanted to use in the video, but decided to exclude so that Naru never stood out in any shot.

    In the end, I’m really glad I ended up making this video myself. Piecing it together was a great experience, and winning at Fanime (with people chanting “Tarzan, Tarzan”) was even better. I think the audience missed half the jokes in the video because they were laughing too much… A great experience, all around, and I hope to duplicate it in the future.

    Thanks for your interest. I hope you enjoy my video. Please feel free to distribute it.

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