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  • Member: Baby_Poe
  • Title: hatred can never save people
  • Premiered: 2002-04-30
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    • Sarah Brightman Deliver Me
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  • Comments: I submitted this video to the Sakura-con 2002 AMV contest; it didn't win by any means but people seemed to enjoy it.

    The song is "Deliver Me" by Sarah Brightman, I'm obsessed with her so some time in the future you'll probably see another video with her music.

    I spent about three months working on this video, by far my most extensive project (and the only one worth showing). There were several concepts behind this video, the first is that Kirika is looking to Mireille to "deliver" her out of the life she's been thrown into, second Chloe is looking to Kirika as the person sheís been searching for her whole life, and finally the watch is the "cross" that has lead them all to what they're looking for. I think the music fits well so the concept comes across pretty clearly.

    At the time I made this I was frustrated with videos that went over the top with special effects so I was trying to make something interesting to watch without all of that, so the extent of my special effects are some overlays with text and video, and fading. Nothing spectacular but I didnít think it was needed.

    Itís been almost 3 years since I made this video and looking back now itís a pretty standard Noir video but at the time it was pretty cool. Maybe thatís why I havenít finished a single video since then? Ah wellÖsomeday.

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