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  • Member: Sangokirara711
  • Studio: SK Studios
  • Title: Kikyou-Fallen
  • Premiered: 2005-06-16
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    • Sarah McLaughlin Fallen
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  • Comments: I don't think I've ever made just a Kikyou video. Probably because I don't have much of a taste for the character. I like her it's just...weird. Anyway, here's my little Kikyou tribute to the song, Fallen by Sarah Mclaughlin

    Why Fallen?
    And there's another thing. How come every person who doesn't necessarily like Kikyou makes a video to Tourniquet? I think Fallen tells her whole story "Our love was raw and young. We believ that we can change ouselves, the past can be undone. But we carry on our backs the burden time always reveals in the lowly light of morning in the wound that would not heal. It's the bitter taste of losing everythign that I've held so dear I've fallen." My favorite part but fits Kikyou a lot better than Tourniquet, ne?

    What I like
    The song is not Tourniquet! And also, I used a lot of clips I've never used before so...could this mean Jessi's getting out of her "Use the same clips over and over again stage?" Maybe.... My favorite part in the whole video is at the lines "I'm lost in those I thought were friends, to everyone I know. Oh they turn their heads embarrassed, pretend that they don't see that it's one missed step and you slip before you know it. And there doesn't seem a way to be redeemed."

    What I dislike
    I don't know...maybe that I used this song for Kikyou and not some character I really like. But, hey, it's good to widen your perspective. I think this video was an excellent lesson for me. I respect Kikyou so much more after this video! (Which is good because I was hating her before I made it.

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