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  • Member: downwithpants
  • Studio: Drunken Panda Productions
  • Title: Summery Pop Video
  • Premiered: 2005-06-21
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    • Franz Ferdinand Jacqueline
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    As you might have guessed from the title, this is a just a fun summery video with no meaning or depth to it, just like some pop songs that just dominate the radio airwaves during the summer even though they are the inanely repetitive and have no musical development to them (Sheryl Crow, Sugar Ray, and Los Lonely Boys come to mind). Yeah, so the video is pretty random. The main goal of the video provide something to associate with the fun times of summer (especially if you don't have a job), so in the winter when it's cold and dark and you're busy with work/exams, you can watch this video and think "aww, I remember when I first saw this video it was sunny and warm and ... the video sucked and it still does, god what is this crap?" yeah, that feeling.

    Editing Notes:
    The idea came around Octoberish 2004, before I had finished watching Azu. Started gathering clips in January 2005, and started editing in April after finishing my World of Warcraft video. By the end of April I had less than 50% of the editing done, and I realized it was gonna be almost impossible to finish the video by the Otakon deadline (May 19), so when my World of Warcraft subscription ran out in early May, I spent a lot more time editing, even though at this time I should have been studying for finals (May 11-18). Oh well, bombed my finals, got most of my video done, and Otakon announces that it will extend the deadline to June 1. That gave me some more time to get the effects down and improve the pacing. Finally finished on May 25, giving me reasonable cushion time to mail in the vid to Mr. Jimenez.

    Most of the effects, all of intentional lipsynch, and some cleaning edits (masking lip flap, etc.) were done in avisynth. I put everything together in Windows Movie Maker, just because it was easier to do long sections with no or few effects in wmm than in avisynth. Audio editing was done in audacity.

    It wasn't really my intention to do a slapstick Azu vid because they're are already tons of them - my first idea was Azu to "Gymnopedie" by Erik Satie. But I really wanted to do a Franz Ferdinand song, and Jacqueline to slapstick Azu was my best idea. Originally I wanted to do Gymnopedie before Jacqueline, but Gymnopedie is not a convention video, and by the time I was able to start either video, it was only a few months before the Otakon deadline, so I opted for Jacqueline.

    So why Jacqueline to Azu in the first place? I suppose the two ideas that came to mind were using Sakaki during the opening section of the song, which is quiet, simple, and slightly depressing, much like Sakaki's personality, and using the Yukari drinking scene to the "I'm so drunk I don't mind if you kill me" verse.

    AmazonMandy's "Symphony of Hysteria" was one of the largest influences on the video. Just a few weeks before editing "Summery Pop Video", I had remarked how entertaining SoH was, despite the complete lack of plot or direction (although if you look more closely, there is quite some direction to the video). This gave me [false] hope on my video, which I knew was going to be, for better or worse, pointless. I also used a lot of the same scenes used in the video. "Build Me Up Buttercup" by Kusoyaro was also a major influence on the video. Having seen it done in Build Me Up, I tried to let the action of the anime source guide the motion of the music video. The idea of using lip synch in an humorously expressive manner was taken from K-type's "CHIHUAHUA!" The blurring bars was inspired by the a similar effect to one Sense Field's official music videos.

    So this video came out in the summer of AzuDai vids, as it will probably be known. Already three popular Azu vids have premiered from suberunker, dwchang, and rollthestampede. Of these three, only dwchang's had premiered before I finished mine, although I did not watch it until after I was finished.

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