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  • Member: Alan Hepner
  • Title: Into the Ruins
  • Premiered: not yet
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    • Cat Stevens Ruins
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  • Comments: Had a fun time working on this one. The feel of the song seemed to match the feel of the anime very well. But the lyrics didn't all that much. I think in the end the anime supported the song more than the other way around - not that there is anything wrong with that. I got a friend of mine to preview it and he hadn't seen the anime first. Afterwards I lent it to him with a warning - "the amv moves much faster than the anime." I felt that the project moved very smoothly and the abundance of simple transitions merged with and in some places become indistiguishable from the movie's own transitions. Like most of my work I just cowboy the thing. No story boards and only rough idea's as to where I'm taking the thing. I let the muse develop any greater plot ot theme structure. In this case I think she came through again and tied the scenes, music, lyrics and impressions up into a fairly tight bundle.

    First aired at Sakura-con 2002. If anyone saw it and would like to give it a review, please do. Thanks.

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