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  • Member: VegettoEX
  • Title: Early DBZ Extravaganza
  • Premiered: 2005-06-17
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    • Julius Fucik The Entry of the Gladiators
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  • Comments: This video actually has a purpose. I swear.

    At AnimeNext 2005, myself and Julian Grybowski (who works with me on Daizenshuu EX, the DBZ fansite I've been running since 1998) ran a panel entitled The DBZ You've Never Seen. Filled with things like Japanese vocal video game openings, clips from movies that haven't been released, the original Chinese live-action movie, etc... it was a fun time.

    We also covered the subject of FUNimation's so-called Ultimate Uncut Edition releases that began in 2005. For those who don't know, FUNimation's English dub of DBZ began in 1995. It was distributed for syndicated television broadcast by Saban, and was played on early Saturday mornings... typical kid-cartoon time. Needless to say, DBZ was pretty heavily censored. Approximately 15 episodes worth of material was edited out of the first two seasons (approximately 67 episodes originally, in Japanese).

    FUNimation would later move on to do their own in-house dub and distribution, striking up a nice deal with Cartoon Network. However, Pioneer (now Geneon) owned the sub-license for home distribution on these episodes. As such, only that original, edited, dub-only version existed for quite some time. When Pioneer's sub-license expired in 2003, FUNimation announced they'd be going back to re-dub and re-release those episodes on DVD (which would also include the original Japanese version).

    Long story short, the first two seasons are finally seeing a proper DVD release with the Japanese version intact. The point of this video was to showcase to fans exactly what had been edited out of that original release, and what to expect on these new discs.

    It's a ridiculously crude and juvenile musical montage of minor violence and slapstick nudity (mostly some male butts). It's not really anything flat-out "offensive" (or rather, it shouldn't be)... it's just a fun little video. It's meant to be funny, it's not meant to make fun of the series (the series I love more than any other)... it's just... "fun".

    That's really all there is to it. The clips are taken from the Japanese Dragon Box DVD release, which is why I... uhh... HAVE the footage in the first place, and why it looks leagues better than FUNimation's DVD releases.

    I left in all lip-flaps and other little animation things. I think the only real "edit" to the footage I made (beyond cross-dissolves and cuts) was making Lunch raise up her beer in a drunken fit slightly faster than she originally does (she kinda pauses the glass in mid-air, originally, but that didn't look drunk enough, for me :P). Also, if you're wondering exactly which piece of music this is, think of the most classic, generic "circus music" you can imagine, and it's THAT song :).


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