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  • Member: RamonesFan2020204
  • Title: Voice of Cybertron's Sons
  • Premiered: 2005-06-20
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    • John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band Voice Of America's Sons
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  • Comments: I remember a few months back, I heard that Stan Bush's songs "The Touch" and "Dare" were originally pinned for the Sylvester Stallone movie "Cobra". This song from John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band's 1985 release "Tough All Over" was used as the theme song for this movie. Then one day, I thought about a "Trading Places" type of situation. What if "Cobra" had gotten the Stan Bush songs, and what if TF:TM had gotten "Voice Of America's Sons"? I decided to experiment. The video was exhausting to make. It took me (I think) 2 hours to say the least. It came out pretty good too. Here's the scenario:

    The video begins with Optimus Prime transforming to go to Autobot city to stop Megatron and a few other Decepticons. Then when JC starts singing, it cuts to Hot Rod looking for the hole in the shuttle. It cuts to Blaster transforming when he says "Turn the radio on". Then it cuts to Kup and Hot Rod getting attacked by a Decepticon jet that I think is Starscream, and transforming and racing to Autobot City when he starts singing "Well they built all those factories with blood, sweat & steel". It cuts to Arcee pulling Trailbreakers dead body across the floor when JC says "Hey little Johnny, there ain't no room for you", then it cuts to the battle at Autobot City when JC says "Turn the radio on" the second time. Then when JC says "They be fightin' in the jungle, they be fightin' in the streets", it cuts to Hot Rod going to save Kup underwater from the planet the Shark-ticons live on (I forget the name of it), then when JC says "Turn the radio on", it cuts to the Autobot/Decepticon battle on Junkion. It doesn't cut until there is 1 minute and 2 seconds of the song left. When it gets here, *SPOILER* it cuts to the Autobots transforming, and escaping from Unicron when he blows up. The video ends with the Autobot crowd on Cybertron saying "'Til All Are One!".

    NOTE:There is NO lipsink in this video. The reason it's on is because whenever I enter videos, they have "Digital Effects" and "Lip Sync" on by default, and I keep forgetting that they do.

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