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  • Member: yoshi1013
  • Studio: Studio 606
  • Title: Liberi Fatali in Motion
  • Premiered: 2001-04-18
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  • Song:
    • Nobuo Uematsu Liberi Fatali
  • Anime:
  • Comments: This video seems to get around a lot and every now and again I hear from someone who saw it at some convention. I've heard it was once screened at JACON and people ended up singing along with it. Most recently I heard from someone that it was at a convention in Germany??!!

    This has no anime in it, but what I did was use text I animated using the motion controls and filters on Final Cut Pro so that it matched the song "Liberi Fatali" which is the music of the introduction to Final Fantasy VIII. The idea started out as a spoof of my practice movie trailers since I thought the text I wrote in between clips was really cheesy. So I ended up making an entire video with animated text translating the music into motion as I saw it, but you have to see it to understand it really.

    The first version I made was on Premiere on my blue and white G3, but for some reason I made it at a low resolution and weird aspect ratio. This new version was made at the computer lab where I work using a G4 computer. The framerate I used in Final Cut Pro was 29.97 instead of 24 so the motion appears smoother, the animation is synched up better, the resolution is much higher and I'm finally satisfied with it.

    If I combined hours over the course of a week, the first version took about 12 hours, but due to rendering time I think it took at least a few more hours than that. Re-rendering on Final Cut Pro took almost two hours I'm guessing.

    This is probably my favorite of my videos, people who've seen it seem to think it's really funny.

    If you download it and watch it, please take a little time to leave me an opinion, it helps me make better videos in the future.

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