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  • Members: Spyral, Kazz, Silvercat
  • Studio: Studio Gaijin
  • Title: Born Under A Bad Sign
  • Premiered: 2001-09-22
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  • Song:
    • A3 Woke Up This Morning
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  • Comments: Cowboy Bebop, everyone's favorite, set to the theme song to the Sopranos. In case you've lived in a closet or just don't appreciate what HBO offers the world, the Sopranos is a show about a New Jersey mob boss who has a tender side that he's afraid to show the rest of his boys. It also has a lot of violence and cursing! We thought the overall flavor of the song matched with Spike's personality as well: good intentioned but not afraid to bust a few skulls. This video is short but to the point. We tried to make it emotionally moving, but not mushy. Proper violence is included. There's very little irony in it, so if you missed it, don't worry: it's not there.

    This is our third video, and I think we are showing some technical improvements. The timing of the action on this one is not that great, but it does fit the lyrics. Its biggest strength is probably the feeling of the music fitting well with one of the many themes of Cowboy Bebop. Spike is a very complex character, and the song fits his darker, more dangerous side.

    More video options on the way soon. Hope you enjoy!

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