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  • Member: DJGamer
  • Studio: JDH Creations
  • Title: Miracle
  • Premiered: 2005-06-16
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    • Vertical Horizon Miracle
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  • Comments: This video was requested by a reviewer going by the user name gina nova, who stated she would quote "build several churches in my honor". Well, I'm sure that's not possible, but still I hope I get the gratitude I was promised. I did this video partly as practice, because I've got my first "proffesional" editing job coming up for a student film titled Absolution. I also did it because I'd been putting it off too long. There is, like most of my videos, a series of firsts-the first time I've used Adobe Premier Pro as opposed to 6.5, and I must say it's been frustrating, for one because it insisted at first at making all the video footage smaller when imported, then when I finally figured out how to resolve that issue, the issue for some odd reason still existed within three particular clips. I resized them to match the approximate scale of the other clips-but if you watch closely during certain transitions, you'll notice, particularly at teh left and right edges, a slight difference in size-but not as extreme as when I hadn't changed them. Overall, the difference is negligible, which was my main goal. There are very few effects in this video, aside from the transitions, I added a gradual exposure increase to one clip, near the end-the trick was that I had to take a frame that was about purely white, get rid of the white, and composite it over the clip that "fades to white", so that the lines at the top and bottom don't also fade to white. There's another instance, near the begining, of this effect, but that was from the actual footage, I was just trying to replicate that with a clip when there was a similar thing happening sound-wise with the music. Another first is using two videos from the music collection DVD that I'd never used before, one which just had what Roger Ebert likes to refer to as "pillow shots" (In an interview for the Grave of the Fireflies DVD)-the scenic fillers that you find so often in animes. Another had a bunch of official Mizuho artwork set to music and floating around. I sped that up, and that was another minor effect, I also did similar things to a couple other clips, but you'd never notice unless you directly compared it to the original footage. This is also the first time I've ripped clips from the actual anime DVD as opposed to just using the music videos from the collection DVD. This also allowed me to rip the "clean" opening, which provided me with probably the most useful footage for this video that was ripped from the anime DVD. The other shots I ripped where mainly of Kei "laying awake", or at least laying somewhere, likely half-awake at least. Overall, I'm pretty proud of this video, it ranks above my last VH one, "When You Cry", but I still feel that it doesn't quite live up to the achievement of the "Snow Angel" videos (on another note, this marks the first non-Snow Angel video I've done to use Snow Angel footage). As much as I tried to tell myself that I should stop thinking "Ah, that's good enough!", the thoughts still crept in, and ultimately affected the video. It was mostly clips that I thought might not have worked so well, or shouldn't have lingered as long, or transitions that could've been a little smoother, etc. Also, the quality is not as good as it could be. On the right-hand side of the screen is usually a bit of a flikering thing, and I ultimately decided to return to .wmv format because I discovered that all the .avis suffered from framerate issues (the animation looked jerky), aside from the smallest one, the lowrez version. So in order to keep the resolution and general sound-quality, and most of the picture quality, I converted it to a high-resolution WMV that was under 20MB. Maybe the avis would run better on "faster" computers, but not everyone has a fast computer, so .wmv should cater best to everyone.

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