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  • Member: Fluxmeister
  • Title: Dorothy Wayneright (From the Vault)
  • Premiered: 2002-04-26
  • Categories:
  • Songs:
    • Frank Sinatra Anything Goes
    • Frank Sinatra Fly me to the Moon
    • Frank Sinatra Luck be a Lady
    • Frank Sinatra Swingin on a Star
    • Frank Sinatra The Coffee Song
    • Frank Sinatra The Girl from Ipanema
    • Frank Sinatra The way you look Tonight
    • Madeleine Peyroux (Getting Some) Fun Out of Life
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Composition: Video Clips and Music

    Quick Description: Dorothy Dedication using some great music and
    lots of "aged film!"

    Dorothy fans should enjoy this one! (hehe, there is just a small
    bit of Big O in it... you'll see)

    Video content notes:
    1 - 5 days of Sinatra, whew. I went through quite a few songs and
    created many little sequences, a few of which ended up in the video!
    I really enjoy Sinatra and the like, after immersing myself in it.
    (some not all :P)

    2 - Dorothy rules!

    3 - The theme of the video really comes across well as the animation
    style fit the music in an unexpected fashion. The aged film look
    seemed appropriate and doesn't take anything away from the video
    unlike some effects, which often do. (argue this? hehe)

    4 - The order of the sequences I chose was all flipped around and
    messy... It was a bit difficult to deal with the changing music but
    in the end I think I handled it well.

    5 - The outro was a lot of fun to make. It allowed me to use a few
    more scenes of Dorothy! (originally Ipenema was going to be in an
    intro... but I decided an outro would be better, this came about due to the difficulty of giving the video a good solid ending from one of the sequences)

    6 - For once I didn't freak out an avoid the scenes with characters mouths moving not syncing with the words (this is intentional in the clips used).

    Update: I realized I forgot to list one of the songs in the credits: "Fly me to the Moon" is used for one of the short scequences.

    Technical notes:
    1 - The editing is very simple, as it was intended. The style
    is meant to be like an old movie, with the occasional
    AMV style peaking through (such as the fast scene change-fades).

    2 - Aged film... I finally found a use for it.

    ... if I think of anything else I will add it ...

    Enjoy the Video! :)

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