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  • Member: Moonlessnight
  • Studio: RW Productions
  • Title: Ronin Warriors: Going Under
  • Premiered: 2005-06-14
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  • Song:
    • Evaneascence Going Under
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  • Comments: Summary: This lovely little piece is a tribute to my fav anime, Ronin Warriors, and all the hard times they have faced. It took me three weeks to put together (give or take) and a lot of critiques from friends and family to get it to a point that would satisfy both Ronin fans and those who know nothing of the series.

    Video: The captures are from my DVD collection (not VHS) and so, are a lot clearer than my Inu-Yasha clips. So, no need to letter-box this one or try to hide tracking lines. I also tinkered with a ton of fades and effects that I've never attempted before, so let me know how you like them.

    Music: I chose Evanesence's song "Going Under" simply because it seemed to fit the theme of Message, the final installment of Ronin Warriors and the focus of this video. Although I am aware this song has been done into the ground by AMV creators, it just fit things too well to be passed up. Please don't pass this video by just because of the song. Please!

    As always: REVIEWS ACCEPTED and strongly encouraged!

    Ja ne!

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