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  • Member: Aria Mournesong
  • Studio: Three-Star Studios
  • Title: Diclonius
  • Premiered: 2005-06-15
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  • Song:
    • SpineShank Forgotten
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  • Comments: mmmmmmm this AMV came around after numerous tries and failures.

    Basically I wanted to make an AMV that was all black & white and really really creepy like the Ring. Initially I was going to use Apocalyptica's "Ruska" and even have 10 seconds of it on my computer. UNFORTUATELY, i realized that the music had two different synchs. The actual synch that it would be playing with when you started it from the beginning and the slightly-off synch you'd hear if you clicked on a random clip in the AMV.
    This prompted me to deleted ALL the clips for the AMV, the Project and not touch it for a month...
    A month later I tried it again, buuuuuuuuuuut couldn't find another Ruska anywhere so I decided to use "Farewell" from Apocalyptica... only to get 10 seconds into it and realize it has the same problem. Much much anger....
    Finally I sat down for a week and listened to ALL the songs in my normal music folder and I heard around 5 songs that could possibly work. I had to admit I was extremely begrudged about it cause I did NOT want lyrics to set the pace of the AMV. As fate would have it not only did the music fit the AMV but the lyrics went with what I had imagined for the AMV.

    "She is the Devil that will destroy the world....."
    The overall story behind the AMV focuses on Lucy and from her perspective how she longs to be recognized as any BUT a monster. However, she always seems to be betrayed and in return her monsterous side is released which causes her to be feared more. Which makes her feel more alone and hateful to the world that she longs to be a part of.

    In all honesty this AMV is as good if not better than my Battle of the Heroes AMV. I've been thinking over past Ops and incorporated the suggestns into this one. It's also not as gorey as Bleed Season but is of the same calibre in the horror AMV category.
    Since Decoy asked so nicely in an Opinion, this time I made a credits part at the end of the AMV that lists all the stuff used :). If your wonder why the two guys are standing up watching the TV in the credits it's because the whoooooole AMV is done around the theme of their watching the video at their house. Though the main focus of the AMV is Lucy that's just the bigger picture and may put why the editing was done the way it was in perspective... but I doubt your reading all of this! Mooooooving along....

    Overall time spent on it was roughly 20 hours over a 3 day period, I used WMM, but I'm playing around in TMPGEnc so you may see a .mpeg or .avi version come out later(maybe with Adobe AfterEffects if I ever figure it out). BUT honestly any extra stuff I add to it will only make it that much cooler to people who have a Digital Effects fetish. Overall as it stands I'm really really really proud of how this turned out, and will be bugging everyone on the Forums to watch it.

    Anywho hope you enjoy and looking forward to your Opinions ^-^.

    -- (( Forgotten Lyrics )) -------------------------------------------------------------------------
    You're the one who
    You're the one who steals the life from
    I'm the one who feels the falling
    I believe you're nothing but a problem
    Everything is so fake
    You're just a motherfucking sight to see
    And time will block the vision
    Life with you is so vague
    It's like I'm living in a dream

    I have wondered why this always happens
    Everything just falls away
    Soon you'll be the one who is forgotten
    It's so close but it's so far away

    You're the one who
    You're in disbelief of what you
    Thought you could achieve or try to
    Once I thought this life was never ending
    Must've been my mistake
    You're just a motherfucking accident
    Offending yet amusing
    I should have known that you
    And your intensions weren't for me

    You're the one who fed the violence
    I'm the one who broke the silence
    I will sew the hole you left inside me
    Leaving you in the past
    I will release

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