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  • Member: JaddziaDax
  • Studio: Katie's Web Sight!! Productions
  • Title: Pocket Change
  • Premiered: 2005-06-14
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    • Barenaked Ladies $1,000,000
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  • Comments: This is my nineteenth AMV.

    Software Used:
    DVD Decryptor
    Sony Vegas Movie Studio 4
    VirtualDub Mod

    Video container from .WMV to .AVI
    Cropped the edges so they look cleaner and prettier, AMV fills full output screen now!

    General Crap:

    so I made a video.
    Anyways this is an idea that i have been thinking about for a while.... my friend Erin decided she wanted to make a Fruits Basket vid and had me rip all the DVDs for her... well me bored off my butt with nothing to do... anyways, I had been thinking about this idea for a while, and i was having so much fun doing this vid i was kinda sad when i reached the end of the song...

    its pretty simple no really big special effects (as i am not a big fan of special effects), and though alot of places it wasnt intended originally it is lipsynced, there were some spots where lipsync was intended though and my lipsync score sucks so i dont care i am leaving it on this time.. most of my digital effects are panning... either zooming in or zooming out... there is a transition used 2-3 times at the beginning, and there are a few overlays... other than that nothing big or flashy..

    I had fun, I like this song and it worked out well IMO... either way, I enjoied it, hope you do too

    Feel free to leave an opinion if you wish, I always like to hear that people are enjoying my videos!
    Quick Comments are always welcome :)

    Quick Comments:
    2005-10-13 18:14:16 Loved it! Gave me a good laugh - I love BNL, and you did a great job with scene selection! I also liked the fact that you had Yuki and Kyou working out the duet. Very cool! -jub
    2005-10-05 20:04:36 I love this one, the video goes perfect with the song
    2005-10-01 00:19:23 Good song, great video!
    2005-09-30 20:39:36 So funny!!
    2005-09-18 21:27:52 VERY CUTE!!!!
    2005-09-17 06:20:51 LOL Cutest thing EVER
    2005-09-13 21:02:46 WTF did Fruits Basket have to do with "If I had a Million Dollars"? Nothing, that's what.



    ps. surprised to see the song wasnt listed in the .org database... I was sure that someone had done it before??? weird... lol ah well :D

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