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  • Member: Ken Hidaka
  • Title: Dream
  • Premiered: 2005-06-13
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    • X Japan eX Dream
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  • Comments: This is my fourth AMV and maybe even my best so far (my Wolf's Rain vid at least gives this one a run for its money). I spent a lot of extra time on this one so that I wouldn't get impatient and just throw scenes in to finish it like I've done with some of my other vids so it should be an improvement in that area. Also I apologize for the occasional glitchy areas. My excuse being that Winows Movie Maker really hates me and freezes every few minutes.
    The video itself was made because I watched my Samurai X video and got really annoyed with some of the glitches I saw in it and all the repeated scenes and so I decided to do a remake of sorts. In tone it is very similar to its predecessor although I attempted to focus less on Kenshin, and failed.
    The video focuses on Kenshins past and present coming all the way up to Samurai X: Reflection. And basically attempts to sum up his struggles and how he tries to protect others.
    The start features the flashing images of all the people he knows and cares about during the Kyoto Arc when he is learning the Amakakeru Ryu No Hirameki to show his motivation to protect people and then leads to the Kenshin vs Saitou fight which demonstrates how his past constantly follows him no matter where he goes.
    I chose to end the vid with Kenshin fighting Tomoe's fiancee (sry can't think of the name) and then Tomoe completing Kenshin's scar to symbolize the end of one life for Kenshin and the beggining of another.
    With all that said I hope you enjoy this one!
    PS I know almost everyone asks this, but I still ned to ask; opinions are greatly appreciated! I would really like some information on how to improve this video and/or any future videos I make. Thank you!

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