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  • Member: Bahamut God
  • Studio: Masters' of Anime Productions
  • Title: History Repeates: Tower of Babel
  • Premiered: 2002-04-25
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    • FreakCircle Science
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  • Comments: Well, there is much to say about this video. It['s my third video, and was my best work at the time. It was put together with I movie, on my new (now old) lamp looking imac. This videos has many many many spoilers.

    You won't "get" this video unless you put the lyrics together with the video. I may make this video again some day, and add subtitles to it, which will help. However, I believe that it will be to complicated for most to understand. Not that I'm smarter than everyone else or anything, it's just that to understand the video, you have to feel the same way about the series as I do. Since none of you are me, that might be hard.

    *******SPOLIORS*************** (understanding the video)

    I'll give some simple hints that might help out those of you who want to try to figure out what the hell I've done here. First of all, God is singing the song. Second of all, you must remember that the Evas are cloned humans, and that the Angles are evolved humans. Also, I believe that God is directly controlling the Angles. So NGE is really a battle of God vs. Man, where man can actualy win. At least this is the way I see things. With these things in mind, watch the video, and lesson closely to the lyrics.

    ********Lyrics***************** (no spoliors)

    Have you ever thought about the way our space unfolds?
    What if it never even happened?
    Where would you be if we had never broke the mold,
    And conquered over nature with technology?

    Where are all the remedies for Darwin's little legacy?
    Surviving yet unfit to really save a single goddamn thing
    All this sorrow means
    Leads me to believe, Evaluation kills

    We're finding time to kill off all the need for speculation
    The underlying fallacy of science ideology.
    Grounded thought the only kind the harbors any merit
    Well I'm taking all the evidence and pissing on your hypothesis.

    Are you the savior, how come our behavior
    Is so in conflict with what you would not reveal
    Everything you see, leads me to believe that convolution hurts

    Will we ever reach into the stars?
    Or learn from all of the samples we keep in jars
    And we're fucking and feeding with greater velocity
    Diseased atrocity

    Science, don't imitate me

    Never capture me

    Youth will know

    Well, I break with the right
    And I'm sorry if it was so wrong that I
    Don't have too see what I believe in

    Some day when your explanation can't quite bring you peace
    Then you'll be searching for the thing science canceled.

    Will we ever reach into the stars?
    Or learn from all of the samples we keep in jars
    And we're fucking and feeding with greater velocity
    Diseased atrocity

    Science, Yeah
    Science, you cannot imitate.

    **********Other Stuff************

    I actually do have permission to use this song. My English teacher is the lead singer for this great band FreakCircle. Please visit there web site at By the way, I know that my lyrics are not the same as the lyrics on their site. I am using a newer version of the song. I would like to give Special Thanks to FreakCircle for making such a great song that his so relevant to Eva. I would also like to point out that while I think this song is great for Eva, I don't really aggree with the underling message of the song taken on it's own. Evolution is truth, not speculation.

    If you have any questions about the video, feel free to contact me and ask. I'm a big fan of opinions, so drop as many as you wish. ^_^

    Well that's all, I really hope you enjoy the video!

    If You have ANY questons, feel free to e-mail me and ask. ^_^

    Edit 05/10/03

    The direct link is working now. I'm not loading this to local downloads because I am going to make a re-encoding one day, and I already paid for the web space. It should work just as well and as fast as the local downloads do though. ^_^

    Edit 5/17/05

    Or maybe I will load it to local. ^_^ I may still remake this video some day, its just too good to leave with this horrible video picture quality.

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