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  • Member: Asahikari_01
  • Studio: Asahikari Produictions
  • Title: Have This Heart to Break
  • Premiered: 2005-06-13
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    • Billy Joel And So It Goes
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  • Comments: Well, Asahikari's third video. Not too bad, if I do say so myself. ^_^

    This is also notable, I think, in that this is the first Koi Kaze AMV ever made, at least to my knowledge. That's hardly surprising, given that (1) the anime is fairly recent, and (2) the anime isn't exactly geared for broad-based appeal. Does that make it a bad anime? Nope, I feel it's quite the opposite of a bad anime.

    At any rate, the video is an attempt to capture what the central couple, Koshiro and Nanoka, think about each other and feel for each other. (I feel it's pretty accurate; I've watched the first DVD enough times in the past month. ^_^) The teddy bear, as you'll see, represents a number of things to them: comfort and safety, their feelings for each other, and their shared past.

    Yeah, the relationship at the heart of this series is unusual. But anime fans have encountered far stranger situations. And, personally, I've always felt that any relationship, as long as its participants are entering into it willingly and are willing to answer for any possible repercussions, deserves the chance to fly. And I've never known a better song to express that willingness to love, and damn the consequences, than "And So It Goes".

    So, this is for Koshiro and Nanoka, who deserve a chance to fly. And this is for my April-koishii, who understands me better than anyone else and loves me anyway. And this is for me, who saw a story here that needed to be told....


    For those interested in the technical details of the AMV:
    Hardware: "Kiyone-chan" (1.2 GHz CPU, 512 MB DDR-RAM, 3 hard drives totaling 220 GB (60 GB free), 52/32/52/16x DVD-ROM/CD-RW)
    Software: DVD Decrypter (ripping the DVDs), FlasKMPEG (turning the .VOB files into workable .AVIs), Adobe Premiere 6.5 (for the actual AMV editing), Adobe Photoshop 7 (for the studio logo and credit image creation), TMPEG (for turning the Premiere output into an MPEG)
    Fuel for the creator: Lime Pepsi and KFC ^_^

    ----- added Thursday, August 25, 2005 -----

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