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  • Member: zanmato666
  • Title: RahXephon - Beautiful Goodbye
  • Premiered: 2005-06-12
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    • Amanda Marshall Beautiful Goodbye
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  • Comments: ***SPOILER INFORMATION***

    If you've been watching the RahXephon series and you haven't seen up to episode 19, then you probably shouldn't watch this video. However, if you've seen past episode 19 then you can watch this video since it won't spoil the ending of RahXephon.

    Note: If you've never seen RahXephon before, I've included a short clip in the beginning that you should PAY ATTENTION To!

    What the Video is About: This video is about Ayato (the guy) and Asahina's (the girl) relationship. Now from the clip I provided you should know that having BLUE BLOOD is bad, and Asahina has BLUE BLOOD but she doesn't tell Ayato. Now Ayato has the ability to control the RahXephon, which is a giant mech. Near the ending of the video a creature appears, called a Dolem and this Dolem is connected to Asahina. Ayato chooses to fight this Dolem in order to protect Asahina but he doesn't know it's connected to her. Asahina tries to tell Ayato that itís her, but he doesn't notice ... until the end.

    This is my FIRST anime music video. I've been wanting to do one for some time now, but never really had the time. After I watched RahXephon I knew I just had to make a video of Ayato and Asahina's relationship or at least the ending of their relationship. Anyway, I used Adobe Premiere 6.5 to make this music video.

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