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  • Member: Ally aka izumi
  • Title: A Tamer's Drive
  • Premiered: 2005-06-12
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    • Lindsay Lohan Very Last Moment In Time
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    A video that started out as a whim. It shows the relationship between Tamer and Partner. Lol and as requested from a fan of this video I'll try to give a more thorough description.

    I wanted to make a video that really meshed well with the lyrics and music, but at the same time was organized, so this video is not one of those that have a random character change for every little piece of lyric.

    I divided the song into five segments. The first being the intro visuals of the primary tamers, Takato first, Henry second, Rika last and with the last image of Rika I was able to smoothly transition into her segment which came right after. I used the instrumental part after her segment to my advantage and made a nice little transition to Takato's segment with a shattering effect and sped up footage to match the music that faded once the lyrics started up again. The drum beat after his segment helped me transition into Henry's segment. At the end of his segment, there is no instrumental break, but I was still able to smoothly transition into the secondary tamers segment since the lyrics were overlapping. Now, the secondary tamers segment is a part where a new character shows up every time the lyrics changed, but I made it so that each character showed up only once during this segment so as to keep this still organized.

    The only thing that I find wrong with this vid is the quality. The footage is taken from video cassette recorded episodes. Curse there not being DVDs of this series in the US >< Well, I hope the video itself makes up for that flaw. Enjoy!


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