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  • Member: MajinZero
  • Studio: Shimatta! Productions
  • Title: Vash Eastwood
  • Premiered: 2002-04-24
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    • The Good the Bad and the Ugly OST Main Theme
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  • Comments: Oy, do I have mixed feelings about this vid. Considering this was my very first finished MV, I believe that it didn't turn out too bad. The fact that it isn't just another 'LinkinBall Z' (If I may borrow the term) vid boosts my pride a bit. Not to insult those who have done this, but with the number of vids involving either elements of Linkin Park or DBZ, I feel that originality is a grand necessity in AMV's.

    Anyways, I first came up with this idea during a two or three day period when I was brainstorming ideas for a first AMV. It had been only a short while after I had bought and watched "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" that I was watching Trigun and found the theme song to be rather fitting to the Trigun atmosphere. Then came deliberation over how I would mash these two elements into a straight concept for the vid. I mostly began with the idea of making this into a Vash profile, mixing the serious and hilarious sides to him as a character. I bascially went through the procedure of capturing mostly subtle or outright funny moments throughout the first four or five episodes of the series. The difficult moments came when I had to somehow make these clips into a straight flow throughout the vid, which I must honestly admit I failed to do. I did, however, find certain parts of the song which would easily match with Vash clips and create some of the more likeable seconds of the vid (resulting in the "Screaming" lip syncs). The second problem I came to was the sudden transition from a parody/comedy to a more serious side of Vash as he faces off with Gofsef. I tried fixing some moments of randomness by adding in superimposed text, which turned mostly negative and controversial; for the most part, I am a AMV critic who believes in seldomly using any type of software effect (fancy transitions, text, etc), if the creator knows exactly what he is doing. I didn't know what I was doing myself, and therefore, the text seemed alien to me. I did feel though, that it may have been necessary to make a minor fix to a few random scenes. This vid has taken me at least 6 weeks in creation (I need to check my journal to see exactlh how long).

    Now that I've spoken about the Vid creation details, I'll go into a short technical description of my tools. I used an ATI All-in-Wonder 128 Graphics/Video Capture Card as hardware to capture all of my clips and MGI Videowave II as the software. My computer is a 450mhz SC (I'm still not sure what company the CPU unit is related to) with a Pentium III processor.

    In an overall aspect, I'm not greatly proud of this work, but hell, I can say I put many hours of effort into seeing this whole project through, no matter how crappy it may seem now, or before then. Being my first vid, I hope no one is too harsh on me, but give enough contructive critiscism for me to learn from. If I am to become a better AMV creator, I need to learn from every single mistake.

    *4/27/02 Update: I apologize for the download problems in the past two days. I've finally posted a reliable link. Thanks for your understanding

    *6/4/02 Update: I've retired the download basically because I feel it has been downloaded enough, and mostly because this video sucked, for the most part. I can only say that a thousand mile journey begins with a first step, and this first step I learned much from.

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