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  • Member: Otohiko
  • Title: The Blind Man's Tale
  • Premiered: 2005-06-10
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    • Kuniaki Haishima Monster (TV) Original Soundtrack
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  • Comments: [Update August 2007 - video now available as .mp4 thanks to Minion's hosting]


    This is not an Anime Music Video per se, however due to the fact that it uses some anime footage (about 15-20%), refers to an anime storyline and uses an anime soundtrack exclusively, I believe it may be sufficiently interesting to AMV fans. It will not be uploaded to local server, only catalogued here.

    A video combining anime and video game footage to tell the story of an old submariner of whom we see so little in the original anime.

    In the fifth episode of the wonderfully long and serious "Monster", the anime's main protagonist, Dr. Kenzou Tenma, meets an old, blind man. While we only see the old man in one scene of the series, the information he provides literally changes the course of the story - so a shame it would be not to let him tell his own story!

    You see, as the old man tells Dr. Tenma, he served on a U-Boat (aka. Unterseeboot aka. German submarine) during World War II. A (very unusual) boy who lived in the neighbourhood some years earlier would always come to see the old man, and listen to his stories. For some reason, the boy's fascination was with fear; and the old man would tell him of the time his boat was chased by an Allied destroyer for over 30 hours - an encounter noone expected to survive as the boat was heavily damaged and marked out by the expert attacker's sonar.

    And it just so happens that my favorite PC game to date is a U-boat simulation - Silent Hunter III...


    This, as such, is not an AMV per se, nor a GMV - more of a short movie that visualizes the story of that man - with a rather distinct "Das Boot" flavour!

    More detailed info on the vid below.

    About the sources:

    Music - all taken from the "Monster" original soundtracks, volume 1 and 2. Import-worthy music of good quality and variety, although I chose mostly just the strong epic tracks for this.

    List of tracks used:

    From OST1:
    Drift Mind (3rd in video - "leaving port")
    Twin (7th in video - "claustrophobia")
    Part (8th in video - "stranded")

    From OST2:
    What do I see (5th in video - "Torpedo los!")
    The Seeds of Time (10th in video - "rescue"; 11th in video - "homebound")
    Our Destination Calls (6th in video - "Alarm!")
    You are the move you make (4th in video - "days went by"; 9th in video - "unexpected appearance"; 13th in video "the return")
    Right and Wrong (12th in video - "ambush")
    Cannot Hear (14th and last in video - "blind memory")
    Than One (1st in video - "a visit from the doctor")
    We'll Be Waiting for the Night (2nd in video - "the blind man's tale")


    Monster - A TV series started in spring 2004 and due to run until late 2005, which is hard to sum up in one sentence. We shall say that it's the story of a doctor who, by performing a most noble and selfless act, became involved in a horrible story beyond his imagination.
    It is based, or, rather, is a direct animated version of the manga series by Naoki Urasawa, which ran from 1994 to 2002 I believe.
    Neither the series nor the manga have yet been released in North America. (Although there have been notices about the manga's imminent release, I'm yet to see it in a store)

    The only thing to add is that they are my favorite anime and manga titles respectively.

    Silent Hunter III - a highly anticipated U-Boat simulation created by Ubisoft Romania, a game of outstanding quality which nonetheless has its' share of nitpicks and shortfalls. Few of them have to do with its' graphics, as these are positively outstanding.
    Although a long shot from the mainstream, the game has been released to rave reviews, gathering "editors' choice" awards from virtually every major gaming magazine and website.

    The only thing to add is that SHIII is my favorite game.


    Technical notes:

    Total production time - ~75 hours, most of which was NOT spent on editing. Large chunks of it were dedicated to the audio mixing, footage capture, and filtering/comression.

    System specs:

    SpaceGroove Mk.Asswind -
    Athlon XP 2400+
    80GB HD
    BFG GeForce 6800OC 128mb Video
    Adobe Premiere 6.5

    Thanks to those who watched.

    This video is dedicated to all the fallen in the Battle of the Atlantic, the longest battle of World War II. May we never forget.

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