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  • Member: RichLather
  • Studio: Jigoku No Video
  • Title: Send Maya My Love
  • Premiered: 1995-03-01
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    • Journey Send Her My Love
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  • Comments: This was the last AMV I made while in college, which was remastered in 1998.

    I'd always felt a pull to doing a Harlock video, in part as a response to (you guessed it) one of Matt Murray's AMVs, which was a huge long-format Yes video featuring Captain Harlock ("Yours Is No Disgrace").

    It should be no surprise that my choice of music for this piece was helped along by my then-budding romance with my future wife. That's where I place the blame for listening to wimp-rock and getting all romantic and smooshy with the content. :-P

    When I remastered this video in 1998, I added in a reversed-video bit near the end of the song, but you have to know My Youth In Arcadia to spot it. :)

    As with all my video made up to this point, the video quality will not be as high as more current videos. All I had available were VHS tapes, in this case Vengeance of the Space Pirate and an unsubbed copy of the Japanese-language My Youth In Arcadia. Animeigo's release of Arcadia of My Youth had not yet been released, nor had a DVD of any kind.

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