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  • Member: RichLather
  • Studio: Jigoku No Video
  • Title: A Bad Religion Video, Finally!
  • Premiered: 1998-04-01
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  • Song:
    • Bad Religion In So Many ways
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  • Comments: The moment I first saw Matt Murray's (Corn Pone Flicks) Bad Religion AMVs, I knew he'd hit his element. They were the hardest-hitting, quickest AMVs I'd ever seen at the time.

    And I knew I wanted to do one of my own.

    It took longer than I wanted, in part because I wanted to find the right song, also in part because I graduated from college and moved away, leaving me without good editing equipment. In 1997 I got my present job, as a news videotape editor for a network affiliate in Columbus Ohio, and that's when I knew it was time to finally put my idea to tape.

    Once I found the music, I couldn't stop editing it in my head so it was actually pretty easy to do when the time came.

    I especially like the drumbeats hitting in sync with the rocket engines firing in sequence... I'm damned lucky when it comes to hitting those kinds of synchs the first time out.

    Now that Bad Religion has a new disc out, it may be time to do another Bad Religion video.

    As always, video quality is the low point for my stuff. All I've had access to use until 2002 has been VHS. I begin each video and each video with VHS. For this video, all I had was a fansub copy of Char's Counterattack. Now that it will be released on DVD, expect to see this get remastered digitally! Perhaps Santa will be good to me this Christmas.

    Video compression here is the worst of the videos I currently have for download. There's some blockiness, but again, remember that there was no domestic CCA DVD at the time!

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