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  • Member: uuber87
  • Studio: DJ Uuber87 Productions
  • Title: Enemy
  • Premiered: 2005-06-10
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  • Song:
    • Seven Dust Enemy
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  • Comments: This is my most accomplished video and most intriguing so far. At first, I was gonna BS my way through this one and it came out to be a masterpiece. I hope I get some good comments and ratings from you, the people of AMV Org. Thank you and enjoy



    Step up to me - Step up to me
    You wanna be a big time player - it's not to be
    Look at all the snide ass - actin like a wise ass
    I'll f*** up your face and you'll never look back

    So when you fall to the ground
    And finally get back to reality
    And no one at all is around
    So tell me how does it feel to be the enemy?

    Step up to me - Step up to me [x2]
    Step up to me - Step up to me
    You wanna be a big time player - it’s not to be

    Look at your face - look at your name
    It's funny you’re a loser with only yourself to blame
    Cut your f***ing hair now - scared of all the stare downs
    You wanna be like me cause it's real
    So you steal on your way to fame
    Never gonna be - never gonna see
    Your name in lights - you can always dream what ‘cha could've been
    Clean up my sh** - you look like a dick
    Step to unemployment - step

    [Chorus x2]

    Step! Step up to me – step up
    You’re the enemy!

    [CHORUS x2]

    Please, people. If you can, please do give me opinions on my video(s) because I do enjoy reading them. I can take constructive critisism and I would very much "re-edit" the whole video if need be. So, please post the opinions and comments if you can.

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