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  • Member: Beckstar
  • Title: Here Come Those Psychic Bastards
  • Premiered: 2005-06-09
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    • Primus Here Come the Bastards
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  • Comments: Alright, I had this idea a while back and now it's finally done. I noticed that not too many videos are dedicated to Sensui's band of psychics, so I wanted to do one on them. I used Vegas Movie Studio 4.0 for this one so I added effects that I wasn't able to while using Movie Maker. I don't follow the lyrics too closely (I tried to in some places), but here they are anyway...

    Here they come
    Here come the bastards
    I heard it from a confidant -
    Who heard it form a confidant
    They’re definitely on their way
    There’s one with this idea
    Something about a hammer head shark
    Nosehairs and flatus
    Best keep your distance because
    Here they come here come the bastards
    Bury your head deep in the sand
    Anonymity is a virtue in this day and age
    Amazing hand dexterity
    Flagrant misuse of security
    Better run, run, run, run, run
    Run run run run, here they come.

    I think this video turned out pretty well. Enjoy

    Note: You'll need a DivX codec to view this video

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