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  • Member: RichLather
  • Studio: Jigoku No Video
  • Title: Young Punks on Bikes
  • Premiered: 1989-12-15
  • Category:
  • Song:
    • Twisted Sister The Kids Are Back
  • Anime:
  • Comments: The first anime music video I ever produced...

    Keep in mind that this is back when only a handful of people were creating AMVs because the equipment simply did not exist at the level and accesibility it does today.

    I edited this my freshman year in college using a JVC pro VHS edit deck. Simple assemble/insert editing, cuts only. The music was added on from a -cassette tape- since there was no CD player hooked up to it. It's got one excellent lipsynch that just -works-. There's some other bits where there are mouth movements meant to mirror lyrics, but it's not lipsynched. Akira's mouth movements and fluid animation make true lipsynch difficult at best.

    Sadly, I have lost my copy of this to the mists of time and history. However, I remember enough of its original layout to attempt to reconstruct it with the latest tools. If it sees the light of day again, it will remain faithful to the original; no fancy digital effects.

    UPDATE: April 28, 2003
    A fully remastered copy has been uploaded for local download. DVD video, CD audio. I'd say 90% of the editing is faithful to the original; only a few new cuts and one dissolve have been put in. I have to say it looks a heck of a lot different when the source material isn't a non-commercial VHS copy.

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