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  • Member: madbunny
  • Studio: Dancing Fox design
  • Title: Spleen in the Sky
  • Premiered: 2005-06-09
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  • Song:
    • William Shatner Spleen
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  • Comments: This video is the 'son' of the video that was never meant to be.

    The video was also plagued by terminal problems. Program crashes, footege missing, and eventually a hard drive failure.

    I had reached the point of producing betas on this video (this one was originally titled beta 61, for sixth iteration, first beta) when I noticed that my program was acting weird. So, I saved this particular beta to another folder just by accident, closed down my program, and restarted the computer.

    The entire hard drive was dead.
    I lost my rips.
    I lost my preview files
    I lost my project files
    I lost Premiere
    I lost.... EVERYTHING... except this one beta.

    Now onto the file itself:

    I know full well that the quality leaves a lot to be desired. The color effects were one of the things that I had been experimenting on at the time and wanted to replace with something a little nicer.

    The source files are all DVD, from either my collection (the berserk) or from Netflix Mao-Chan. There are a couple of small fansub files in there for the Air footage, but those represent such a small portion that I had debated changing them anyway.

    If I ever remaster this thing I'll certainly clean it up.

    The music is from an album called "transformed man". It's William Shatner at his weirdest.
    The entire album is supposed to be a 'study in opposites. So, he'll read a poem, or make a speech about utter happiness, and sing a song about dejectedness. Personally, while this particular song is supposed to be about utter despair, and utter happy happy, I found that it was a study in weird and creepy. His particular interpretation of this Beatles oldie leaves something to be desired musically.
    The bad lounge act that's doing the music doesn't help either.

    William Shatner reading bad French poerty, and singing beatles tunes.
    What more could you want?

    *** Warning***
    This video is mainly Berserk footage, Some Abenobashi, Mao-Chan and about 4 seconds of Air footage.

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