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  • Member: Full Metal Sempai
  • Title: Full Metal Hell
  • Premiered: 2005-06-07
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    • Nightwish Planet Hell
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  • Comments: This project may be the last I have made with Movie Maker 2 since I think of learning to use Premiere from now on.I gave it a lot of try and I think it turned out well.

    The song used(Planet Hell) is one of my favorite from Nightwish but also very weird.
    It starts with a prelude of about 1 minute until it enters the main part.
    I decided to use this minute to pay tribute to the most tragic characters of FMA who died during the series:


    Trisha Elric - a perfect mother trying to cover the absence of the father in the family
    Nina - my favorite female character in FMA after Lust,I really cried when she died
    Lust - by far my favorite Homunculus - she was the only one of Homunculus who wanted to live a normal life as a human and this was the reason for all her actions
    Scar - his revenge had to be completed with his death - isn't it tragic?
    Maes Hughes - WHY,WHY did he have to die when he had such a happy family and a sweet daughter?

    After the prelude,a lot of action showing us what world really is Full Metal Hell...and a ending rather unexpectable...
    Like the majority of my videos,it has simple effects but I tried to achieve a good synchro and also matched the lyrics with the scenes.

    Here are the lyrics also in case someone wants them:

    Denying the lying
    A million children fighting
    For lives in strife
    For hope beyond the horizon

    A dead world
    A dark path
    Not even crossroads to choose from
    All the blood red carpets before me
    Behold this fair creation of God

    My only wish to leave behind
    All the days of the earth
    An everyday hell of my kingdom come

    The first rock thrown again
    Welcome to hell, little Saint
    Mother Gaia in slaughter
    Welcome to paradise, soldier

    My first cry neverending
    All life is to fear for life
    You fool, you wanderer
    You challenged the gods and lost

    Save yourself a penny for the ferryman
    Save yourself and let them suffer
    In hope
    In love
    This world ain't ready for The Ark

    Save yourself a penny for the ferryman
    Save yourself and let them suffer
    In hope
    In love
    Mankind works in mysterious ways

    Welcome Down
    To my
    Planet Hell


    EDIT : Today June 13 I'm starting my exams for the second year of university - Please pray for my success!!! :-)

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