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  • Member: Adruin
  • Title: The Fading Bird
  • Premiered: 2005-06-01
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  • Song:
    • Vozvraschenie Vverh po Techeniyu [Upwards down Stream]
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  • Comments: It is a clip made on song I like very mach. Of course song is Russian - here I tell it translation into the English.

    The steppe cut the river in two. Hold on…
    The scarlet overwhelmed the banks.
    A jet-black bird above
    Found us in feather-grass...

    Night slips away in the cold sand
    The first ray of the sun will blow us from beds off.
    We will leave all here
    Time gave us advantage
    And it does not wait anymore.
    On the scattered dew, barefoot
    Straight to a pier together we’ll go
    How many ships swam here -
    We’ll follow them.

    Up with the river flow
    In a small boat with wings
    Scratching roofs by a cloud
    Up with the river flow
    Way up, away from father’s home.
    Two with paddles
    Ten helmsman.

    It was always like that: one to fly off brakes first.
    Who woke the first the beast, whose measured stamp of horseshoes cut through the silence
    Forgetting nothing, to nobody forgiving, in buckwheat haymaking
    Exchanged three lines on three rows and went on a madness spree.

    Hey, head, roll! No use guessing
    Will the death be our in-law
    Will bring beyond China, God save us!
    you invented us like this.

    Release us, fate, we are not blind already.
    We began to see clearly suddenly
    Through falseness of sceneries having seen ourselves
    And we’re destined to count miles to the end.
    Along a road leading to the roots, where it is possible to live only loving.

    What to call you, those, who slashes straight from the shoulder
    Those, who governs on a goat astride.
    The only thing that I still can’t understand -
    How can you still wander the earth.

    Up with the river flow
    In a shabby small boat
    knocked quickly together
    We row desperately
    Up with the river flow
    Even against your will
    Will make it against all odds

    The steppe cut the river in two. Hold on…
    The banks moved apart
    A white bird above
    Why are you so distant?

    and here is subtitres

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