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  • Member: Makaze3
  • Studio: Vidanic Productions
  • Title: Just Like Yuki
  • Premiered: 2005-06-06
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    • Three Days Grace Just Like you
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  • Comments: My 2nd pure Fruits Basket video has arrived! ^^ This idea hit me while I was listening to my mp3 player during Band class at school. (Yes, it was a free day... ) I was searching for an idea for a Fruits Basket video so I started skimming through all my rock songs (that took a while) and I was listening to a bunch of Three Days Grace and I thought this song would be a good one! My video is mainly about Kyo hating Yuki and Yuki hating Kyo.
    Hopefully the veiwers will be able to tell what I did...that is, the first verse and chorus are from Kyo's point of view, while the 2nd verse and chorus are from Yuki's point of view. I did a few words of lip syncing near the beginning of Yuki's part, but it was only a small amount so I didn't ask for a score. I did small lip syncing here just to show the viewer that it is from Yuki's point of view now. It then changes back to Kyo's point of view after Yuki's part, on "On my own...".
    This vid was hard as hell to make, but I am happy with the outcome. I put so much time and effort into this. ^^ Really. It was so much fun to make, I spent all of my free time working on it! (Forget homework! AMV's are more important!!) I stayed up all night (a few nights, actually...) working on this. If you are a Kyo fan or a Yuki fan you will probably like this either way. Well, I hope you enjoy! And please tell me what you think by leaving an opinion! Thanks!

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