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  • Member: OZA
  • Title: My Sword
  • Premiered: 2005-06-06
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    • Leftfield Swords
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  • Comments: Well, it took a long time but it is finally up. I finished this yesterday, after almost a year and a half of random guilt trip editing and over 2 years with the concept in mind. I really didn't think it would turn out this good. But procrastinating does have its problems: right now I'm in Garmisch, Germany and I don't think I can make it to any convention I submitted to now. I ended up missing my chance with at least 4 cons I wanted to finish it for and actually went to. Oh well. We'll see what happens next...Hopefully my next video won't take so long.

    This is my first video, and I wasn't expecting it to be perfect: just my atttempt at getting Premiere to work for future projects. Nevertheless, I was trying to make a video using only video editing tools: no digital effects necessary to get the point across. And most of the edits are really just lucky cuts. A little tweaking here and there, but that's all.
    Yes, and the idea of the video is basically to tell the story of the OAV in my own way, showing how Kenshin and Tomoe strengthen each other. The idea popped into my head out of blue after I decided to listen to my "Rhythm and Stealth" CD after a while, so it's not like I was searching for this. So enough of that, and enjoy the video.

    Update (1/25/06): I just found out last night that I got an award mailed to my house in NJ: Best Drama/Romance Ikasucon 2005. I wouldn't have known otherwise, since I'm here in Kuwait. Not bad for a first try...but that just gives me more reason to finish another one.

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