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  • Member: StarKissdMoon
  • Title: FF: Friends Forever (suspended)
  • Premiered: not yet
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    • Vitamin C Graduation (Friends Forever)
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  • Comments: This is just a video I decided to do because I figured the lyrics fit together with alot of the various FF storylines. It is about 50% done actually. I may cut the song somewhere near the end. Or maybe not. I am not at that point yet so I'll see when I get there. So check back in a few weeks. It should be done by the middle or end of May, when I will be done with school.

    Update 10/9/02

    Well obviosuly it is way past May and there isn't a video here. Just wanted to upadte in case anyone was actually interested. This video is suspended for now because around May I started on another video (an Escaflowne video) that I have been working on diligently since then. That video should be done by the end of 2002 (Since I go to college I don't have that much free time anymore). Anyway, once my current project is finished then I will be returning back to my older, unfinished projects. there is a chance that I may not finish this, and if anyone wants to take over the idea, then just email me.

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