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  • Member: Esquivel Studios
  • Title: The Catastrophe of Escaflowne - Teaser Trailer
  • Premiered: 2005-05-04
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  • Songs:
    • "Eminem" Kim
    • "Yoko Kanno" "First Vision"
    • The Matrix Revolutions "Navras"
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  • Comments: Okay, this video may lead to some confusion. This amv is a parody of your typical movie ad. However; this video is also based on an actual fan-dub project which will be completed and distributed sometime this September of 2005 by yours truly.

    Some general technical background for this video, is this:

    My co-producer and myself were bored and thought we should make a teaser/trailer for our fandub movie. We did so as quickly as possible, regretably without assembling our cast together, thus, all of the voices were done by just us two people (and a voice clip of Andy Circus). Also, the lip-syncing is pretty awful as we recorded the audio before seeing the video. I swear the actual product looks MUCH better.

    The main song of the video is Matrix III's Navras. I have no idea what the song is about, but it's pretty darn cool. Anyhow, enjoy!

    PS: Should anybody be curious as to what the project is, go to

    The web sight is coming along well. More updates and alterations to come. A new trailer should be up in a week or so (hopefully).

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