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  • Member: Bandit
  • Title: My Generation
  • Premiered: 2002-01-15
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    • Limp Bizkit My Generation
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  • Comments: I dedicate this MV to my generation.
    Clips are taken from various animes aired in Italy beetween 1975-1990. They accompained my childhood and taught me a lot of good and important values, such as friendship, honor, proudness, weaks defending... Well, too many people talks shit about anime, thinking that japan animation is dangerous for childs' minds. I think I'm not a disturbed person, nor I learned violence by animes: this is the message I put in this Music Video and Limp Bizkit helped me to explain my feelings.
    The timing is so good and I think I made a nice use of effects and transition. The overall video quality is good, considering we are talking about 10 and more years old clips.
    If you are curious about oldies, or wanna see animes you just remember, I assure you won't be disappointed...

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