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  • Member: DarkSchneider
  • Title: Belldandy Ain\'t Your Ordinary Girl
  • Premiered: 2002-05-14
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    • Alabama She Ain't Your Ordinary Girl
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  • Comments: This was my second AMG music video, and this one's dedicated to my favorite character of the series, Belldandy. I kinda explored the facts saying Kosuke Fujishima created the impossibly perfect girl, and in a way, I would have to yes, he did a really good job. This wasn't one of those series that was bland or something. Well, right now, the why of it all escapes me. Anyway, after I enjoyed the OVA(and a little bit after "Goddess' Magic of Love") I decided to make this video.
    However, I wanted to find a song that really pertained to her while at the same time was original(I was dedicated to that greatly at the time). So I looked through some CDs and came upon the Alabama Anniversary Album "For the Record" and when I listened to "She ain't your ordinary girl", I knew I had the song. To be honest, however, this was kind of a rush job, because I wanted the video to be about Belldandy without all the spoilers in it. In the end, I believe I pulled it off nicely. Only thing I ain't happy with was how I tried to rap it up. At the time, I saw a video by Pwolf called "Love Hina - EBYT," and how wrapped it up was pretty cool. So I tried to do it too. Except for the ending, I think I did well. So for all of you that loves a good Belldandy video, or if you wanna find out about the series and Bell, download this vid. Thanks!

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