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  • Member: RyoseiHime
  • Title: It's Been Awhile
  • Premiered: 2005-06-01
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    • Staind It's Been Awhile
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  • Comments: It;s been awhile is dedicated to Jinzouningen Juunanagou from DBZ or as you dubbies might know him, Android 17. ^_^ I thought this song fit him too well not to do this one. It deals with his desire to be powerful and his love for his twin sister Juuhachigou. Juunanagou wasn't all bad. If you recall during the Buu saga they wished all the good people back to ensure that they wouldn't bring Bebidi's henchmen back as well. However Juunanagou also came back to life. Therefore he had to have a good heart. Even in the manga (which doesn't continue past the Buu saga) he comes back and even gives some of his endless supply of energy to Goku's spirit bomb to help. Yet, Juunanagou seems to have a desire to be powerful such as Vegeta has. It's his pride that drives him to fuse with Hell Fighter Juunanagou. He wishes to be powerful again. To be respected and feared. And he felt that was the only way to do it. And once he has fused with him he isn't the one completely in control anymore.
    I have a special thingy written out for the part "I can not blame this on my father. He did the best he could for me." It's a little look into the oh-so-hated mind of Dr. Gero. As all rabid Juunanagou fangirls I myself would like to kick his head from his shoulders and feel his brains squish beneath my foot. However I also have a theory on how he feels about the twins. Them being the only Cyborgs he ever altered and all. I think Gero was a lonely old man and he wanted the twins to look to him as a father even though he did kidnap them (poor juvenile delinquents ;_; ) and do horrible things to them. I believe he really did love the two. And he wanted them to love him back but obviously they would never forigive him whether they remembered what all he did or not. That's my opinion on the old fool anyways.

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