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  • Member: Khanh Bui
  • Studio: Bui Brothers Videos
  • Title: Beg4Life
  • Premiered: 2005-05-31
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  • Song:
    • Dr. Mario Beg4Life
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  • Comments: There are many great videos out there that inspired me to make this video This video was inspired by ROS, Euphoria, Naruto's Technique Beat... all the great videos that I've had the pleasure to download and watch. If it hadn't been for those great videos, hence this ORG, I would've never had the much needed ideas and encouragement to successfully start, much less finish, Beg4Life. But then...who cares?

    Rating: PG-13 for gothic mood, mild weaponry usage, and physics-defying, jaw-dropping, eye-popping fight sequences.
    Codec: Xvid 1.01 640x424 419Kbps
    Duration: 2:57
    Size: 72.5 MB
    Total time it took to edit this AMV >250 hours
    Total time it took to render >20 minutes
    Total duration it took to make this AMV>3 months

    FMVs Used:
    Tekken 5
    Advent Children
    Chrono Cross
    Ominusha 2
    Ominusha 3
    Spawn Armagedan
    Mortal Kombat Deception
    Ninja Gaiden
    Soul Calibur 2
    Soul Calibur 3
    Chaos Legion

    Last time this videos was remastered: 10/01/05

    I recommend that you use the vlc player to watch the video.

    I've uploaded this video 5 times and my status has become "abusive" so I cannot re-upload this video (or any other video that I have) anymore. The reason why I had to request the deletion of this video so many times is because first it was a MPEG-2 file (99.1MB) (1st deletion request), then I got it to a Xvid file (2nd deletion request), then I realized that I didn't take out the black borders (3rd deletion request), then I realized that I didn't take the top and bottom black borders (4th deletion request). And...I don't know what the 5th deletion request was about. I think I hold the record for most deletion requests.

    **Update: I've just realized that the very first deletion of this video (which makes it the fifth) was for the reason of remastering**

    Because I have too much free time, I have decided to post some of the quick comments:
    2007-02-09 10:06:26That was fun - JCD
    2007-02-01 03:58:29Wow.
    2007-01-27 16:14:10I have to kill you.
    2006-09-30 00:44:47Great mash up, ran kinda choppy on my cpu though
    2006-09-06 07:52:44Awesome AMV, love it.
    2006-09-02 09:54:29very special..I like that^^
    2006-06-14 05:41:12Completely pointless video. Don't make a video if you don't have a concept.
    2006-01-18 18:50:23Just too much at once to really appreciate
    2006-01-08 16:47:10Nice use of effects, but it can't really get anyone into coma
    2006-01-04 20:49:46Absolutely excellent synch but lacks a lot of meaning ;)
    2006-01-03 02:11:15You ALMOST made the worse thing I've seen on the internet. Toss in a few more flashes next time and you got it.
    2006-01-01 22:11:49The best GMV I have ever seen, I'll op this when I get a chance - Decoy
    2005-12-30 23:35:46quite awesome
    2005-12-08 18:34:46I saw your video at Bakuretsucon, and gave it the vote. Hope you won, and love the video!
    2005-12-04 01:48:34possibly the best editing i've ever seen
    2005-11-09 23:55:34A little odd.
    2005-10-26 23:40:07Nice work on the timing, and you made all the different sources blend together very well. Some of the flashes were a little too bright, and it was kind of repetitive, but still a good job on the editing overall. :) 4/5
    2005-10-25 19:29:50I really didn't like pretty much all of the effects, and how the screen size kept changing, but other than that, really nice work. It was good seeing a well-done video game vid for once. 4/5
    2005-10-24 02:23:26Excellent work!
    2005-10-20 04:14:29Fun to watch...*up*
    2005-10-11 02:11:34Very nice, kickass beat. Too bad you didn't do the whole song though.

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