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  • Member: poolfan
  • Studio: Takumi's Shrine
  • Title: The Armed and Dangerous
  • Premiered: 2002-05-04
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  • Songs:
    • Edison Chan Heroes
    • Silent Hill OST Silent Hill
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  • Comments: 1) This vid is about 'Heroes'.

    2) This is my most effects laden vid ever !! I have put in close to 150 hrs into this baby, a mammoth effort considering that i spend an average of 20 hrs into a vid b4 this one.

    3) This vid has GUNS, lots of GUNS ...correct me if i'm wrong but this vid prob has the most number of different guns and weaponary in an amv ever
    There are loads of action as well...not MINDLESS action like my NIGHT OF FIRE vid but well orchestrated action which sometimes pit the Heroes in my vid against each other and interesting scenarios such as the scene where Spike throws a grenade and blows Oburi and Sawa apart or the scene where Spike pushes a button casuing Mokoto to explode.....etc..interesting arragement of scenes that have NEVER been put together b4. Like i said..THIS VID IS DEF WORTH THE thrashes my older vids to DUST.

    4) This vid contains 2 never-been-used before animes: Phantom of inferno and Hareluya Boy! So this vid might be worth the download just based soley on this fact :P But of course...i promise you'll get more than you bargain for. This is done in a MTV-ish stlye....with loads of stop and go , trailing shadow effects which promises to be great entertainment for everyone! A lot of shooting goes on but hardly anyone gets hurt ..the violence level is at a minimum despite the spraying of bullets and explosions every now and then


    5) Heroes featured :

    Drake Anderson and Nancy ( Read or Die)
    Alucard (Hellsing)
    Sawa and Oburi (Kite)
    Vash ( Trigun)
    Spike and Faye Valentine (Cowboy Bebop)]
    Major Kusanagi ( Ghost in the shell)
    Mirielle and Kirika (Noir)

    'Blink and you'll miss them' cameos: Misato (EVA) , Jetto (Bebop) , Liua Sakakino (Ex-driver) , Lorna Endou (Ex-Driver), Batou (GITS), Legato( Trigun) , Knives (Trigun)

    6) After much consideration and after checking thru the database to find countless vids with the title "Heroes" , i've decided to change the Title to "The Armed and Dangerous" which is the title of one of my fave HK movies.

    7) The intro uses the opening song from Silent Hill...the creepy scenes from Phantom of Inferno and Hareluya Boy fit the song perfectly

    8) Yes , i know an amv focusing on guns is a little overdone but you'll realise its the way i've processed/edited the vid that has never been done before

    You feel your body shaking
    Ten thousand bullets racing through your mind
    It doesn't matter if you live or die
    And that's the reason why you're still alive

    *Now when the walls come crashing
    The world will leave you standing on your own
    And though the night will fall upon your soul
    You read the signs to know which way to go*

    Heroes will never give up
    They carry on when it's rough
    And that's the way it should go
    (Here we go! Here we go go!)
    They see the light when it's dark
    And win the fight when its hard
    They make it right when everthing goes out of control#
    (Good! Just good! Don't stop! Don't stop! Good! Just Good!)

    Outside the heat is rising
    You try to keep your head above the ground
    And even though the sky is falling down
    Winning the fight is what it's all about

    take what de take these
    Geny Y Cops do what de gotta do they won't be stopped they hot,
    tiy popped, you know you get locked comin' at your ass like Robocop
    whataa-kickin' back like a kung fu flick when you step in the place
    you know you're hit streets are blazin' like the
    wild wild westĄ@crazin'
    amazin' pull the glock outcha chest bombs, knives, guns,
    grenades dippin' in 'n out movin' out
    of the shades the way de fightĄ@crime de
    seem to amaze so you got to get up and give dem their praise

    OH and 1 more thing , remember to turn up the volume slightly after the into :)

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