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  • Member: Turankusu
  • Title: Vegeta's Self Indulgence
  • Premiered: 2005-05-31
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    • Mindless Self Indulgence Hail Satan
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  • Comments: Yeah it's been a while since I last uploaded another new video, and you were probably wondering what happened to me because of the absence. Just a lot of crap going on, stuff I had to do, business, and laziness. Here's just a little something new from me, and of Vegeta. Since the first Vegeta vid I made, here's one that doesn't show his psychotic behavior but just a fight that no one ever thought about making a music video of. Vegeta v.s. Recoome. I think I chose a well enough song for this, short song for a short video, but this isn't all I have. While doing this, at the same time I was working an another much more serious video. It should be uploaded, pretty soon. Until then here's an appetizer for you, I was stuck on the name for a few days until I thought of this. I was even about to put David v.s. Goliath.

    ~ Torankusu

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