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  • Title: Final Fantasy Suite
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    • Tchaikovsky Waltz of the Flowers
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  • Comments: Vidoe is 100% done. However, I am having trouble uploading the video since it is a large file and I have a dial up connection that likes to disconnect constantly. It should be available soon though, once I find a way to upload it. The footage for Final Fantasy VII, VIII and IX have been ripped off their respective discs. The footage from Final Fantasy 10 are captured. I haven't kept track of exactly how long I have been working on it, but it's been about two weeks during my free time. As for the music, it is an instrumental from the "Nutcracker" ballet. *Note: I recently found, while watching Cowboy bebop for the first time, that it is played at the end of "Toys in the Attic".* The song goes well with Final Fantasy because the beat and mood changes several times giving me the opportunity to show different aspects of the series. As for the effects, so far only simple effects have been used. The usual superimpositions, transitions, speed changes and zooming and such.
    There isn't much of a story behind this. It is more like a trailer. I tried to make the footage and the music "dance" with each toher, and I am pleased with the results I got so far.

    Update 10/9/02

    Just wanted to update in case anyone was actually interested. This video was done once but never put up because I wasn't throughly happy with it. Towards the end of the editing process the project file became corrupted and stupid me didn't have any archives of it. The whole video was done but there was still alot I wanted to polish and change but I couldn't without doing the whole thing again from scratch. So I just exported what I had and decided to put it aside until I was ready for it again. Since I have been working on another video (an Escaflowne video) since May, and I haven't finished it yet. But I will definitely come back to this video when I am done with my Esca video. I have watched my "Waltz" video about 10 times within the last few weeks and though I am satisfied with how it came out , it still needs alot of work. It does make me smile though and I figure that is good since it is one of my first videos. The experience I have gained with my Escaflowne video will definitely help as I redo this video.

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