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  • Member: Yorae
  • Title: Wa Tara -- And he flew
  • Premiered: 2005-05-28
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    • Yasunori Mitsuda Time's Scar (Chrono Cross Intro Theme)
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  • Comments: ~~~~Once upon a time, there lived a genius and a caged bird one too many times~~~~

    Started : 29 - 12 - 2004
    Finished : 28 - 5 - 2005

    SPOILER WARNING : This AMV uses footage from the following episodes. If you haven't seen these episodes then you are risking the spoilage of the anime for yourself : 45 - 46 - 60 - 61 - 62 - 63 - 115 - 116 - 117

    Tools : Ulead Video Studio 7-8-9 (yeah, I used all three, believe it or not ^^;), Virtual Dub, Microsoft Photo Draw.

    Description : Since I love Neji so much and due to the fact that so much dies inside of me whenever I watch my FIRST Neji tribute, I've decided that I would make Neji ANOTHER tribute. Talk about creativeness, lol.

    Theme : Like my other tribute to Neji, this one is also a character profile AMV, however, this time around I tried to make Neji appear more "human". As in, I tried to present a bit more than the fighting coolness of Neji. Throughout this AMV, I have (hopefully successfully) looked into Neji's inner fears, his guilt towards his bitchiness in the past, his lamentation of the loss of his dad and the people who helped him see the light (ie : Naruto and Hinata) Of course, the faster parts of music STILL contain fighting scenes, but I tried my bestest not to be repetitive like in my previous AMV.

    Music : An instrumental~~!! The music is the opening theme from the Playstation 1 RPG Crono Cross. No, I haven't played the game...yet, but I saw the intro a while back and I loved the music. When I first started thinking of making a new Neji AMV my sister pointed out that the music is quite fitting for Neji, and I was like "OMG!!!!1one you're RIGHT!" and I downloaded the song and started the repeat forever XD

    Additional suppliments : You'll notice that there are a lot of feathers and wings in this AMV and would wonder if you had missed any Naruto episodes. Don't worry because the extra scenes that are used in this AMV come from several different animes, which are Escaflowne, X Tv, 12 kingdoms and Gankutsuo.

    Time : Whoa... about 6 months! Well, that doesn't say much, since I stopped working on this AMV for quite a while due to college, life, crappy laptop, losing heart, etc.. Also, a lot has been changed in the AMV and a lot of clips that I spent weeks working on ended up not being useful for the work, so that doesn't count either. I guess the 6 months were really messy ones in putting this AMV together, yup.

    Final note : So that's about it! I hope you enjoy this AMV and find it to be a helpful insight into dear little Neji ^w^ Also, I would totally worship you if you left a comment. I don't ask for much, just one sentence telling me what you thought is enough for me! Of course, if you had time on your hands and decided to tell me what I did wrong in the AMV then I will worship you even MORE, and even send you a cookie ^w^ A lot of effort was put into this AMV but I am still doubtful about my editing choices, and I need guidance~~!!

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