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  • Member: Devolution
  • Studio: Existentialism
  • Title: Naota vs Dragon Ninja v1.0
  • Premiered: 2002-04-10
  • Category:
  • Song:
    • Lost Prophets Shinobi vs Dragon Ninja
  • Anime:
  • Comments: this is one of my "one-evening wonder" videos. something that was worked on continuously for around 10-16 hours until it was finished. it isn't necessarily a great video, but i liked it when it was finished. once again, subtitle removal might delay the availiability of this video. i saw FLCL and listened to this song again and figured that FLCL would make a better video for it than Ninja Resurrection did. i tried to match the scenes to the lyrics this time(pretty hard when a song doesn't make a lick of sense!), and i think that it turned out pretty good. meh. hope you like it.


    if you can ignore subtitles, go ahead and download this. if you can't get past subtitles, wait for the next release of this vid. basically all i would like right now is some creative feedback, some constructive criticism. i'm trying to find some raw footage for FLCL(i'd found some before but decided not to download it. stupid me)because some of the scenes are way beyond my level of skill in Subtitle Removal. hope you enjoy the video in whatever form you see it in.

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